Wednesday, March 25, 2009


One of my new goddess friends on Myspace gave me a call and she said to me, “You know Bea, I pray to God all the time but I don’t feel that he hears me.”

“Oh” I said, “Well, April, let me show you how I pray. I am going to guide you on a journey. So, I put April through the relaxation technique I use by having her visualize golden light moving through every part of her body. When I finished I said, “OK, now you’re outside somewhere . . . just allow the image to form of where you are and describe to me what you see.”

“Well, I am actually in my house and I am looking outside.”

“OK, now there is an animal of some kind that appears for you. Just allow the animal to form and what kind of animal is it?”

“It’s one of those little pot belly pigs” She said.

“Now, ask the pig with your heart and mind telepathically . . . “What is your name?””

“Samuel” She said.

I smiled to myself and said, “In Asia, a pot belly pig is a symbol of good fortune and Samuel means . . . GOD HAS HEARD!”

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