Friday, April 30, 2010

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Saturday, March 28, 2009


Once upon a time there was a magical wise woman who lived high atop a mountain in the Pacific Palisades. This wise woman found her self desperately broke. She needed money and she needed it fast. So she asked her faithful guide Merlin, “Hey, Merle, I really need some cash pronto. I need someone to help me to market and promote my gifts as a seer. Get busy and get me someone please.”

As always Merlin did exactly as she asked and one hour later, the phone rang. It was a lovely young man name John who had found her website on a fluke and after reading it decided to give her a call. He said, “I was looking for the Topanga Healing Center and your site came up.”

“Oh yes, I spoke there once.” She replied.

Then she smiled when he said, “I really love to help psychics market and promote their gifts. Have you ever heard about of”
“No, I have not. What is it?” She asked.

“It’s an online psychic service where you can start your own business and you can charge whatever you want.”

“Oh yea, that sounds wonderful. Why don’t I come over and give you a reading for your help and you can show me how to get set up.”

“That would be great.” John said. So, she hopped in her car and flew like the wind to his house where they did the exchange and she started making money right away.

And life was good.

Now, John was a troubled young man. He had been through many challenges that had left him sad and disillusioned about life. There was only one thing that John wanted in life . . . to sing. After all, he did have one thing going for him. He had the voice of an angel. He would go to audition after audition where he would get so close but he never quite got the gig. Then he would get sad and depressed and go into a deep funk. So the wise woman said to him, “It’s time to get you out of the funk and into the groove.” Come over and I will guide you on a journey and I will heal your heart so you can manifest your dream. You can’t manifest didley squat on Earth with a broken heart.”

So, John came over to her house and she took him on a beautiful journey and he was surrounded by his angels and his heart was made whole once again.

And life was good.

The following day John brought his friend Jason over to meet the wise woman. Jason was also an aspiring singer with the voice of an angel. He asked if she would give him a reading. She said, “Of course, call me tomorrow morning and I’ll give you a reading.”

The next morning Jason called and she said to him, “My guides are telling me that there is something very unique about your voice. They’re telling me that you sound like a black chick.”

This was interesting since he was as white as snow and blonde as Marilyn Monroe.

He humbly replied, “Well, I can hit really high notes.”

After the reading the wise woman watched Jason sing on-line. Wow, he did sound like a sista.

She called him again and told him how fantastic he was and he said with a sigh, “You know Beatrice, people are always telling me how great my voice is but I don’t understand why I can’t get a leg up. I can’t seem to get someone to help me or manage me or some kind of representation.”

“Well, have you asked your Angels to help you?”

“How do you do that?” he asked.

“Well, you just sit down and you ask them exactly what you want and you tell them to get busy. Now, they will not just appear at the edge of your bed. They will use people in the physical reality to answer you. But remember, they only answer you when you are ready and when you have a deep desire to serve the universe. Only then do they serve you. If you just want to serve yourself then you’re on your own. You’re definitely ready and you certainly want to serve universe with all your heart and soul. I saw that when I heard you sing.”

Later that day, Jason called the wise woman. He was very happy and excited and he said, “You are not going to believe what happened!!”

Smiling to herself, she replied, “Try me.”

“Well, I did exactly what you said and I asked my angels to help me and I told them what I wanted and an hour later I got a call from a woman but it was a wrong number. She was looking for a different RJN Music but she got me. So we started talking and it turns out she is the head of A&R at Columbia Records and she does the casting for Star Search. She is sending someone over right now to pick up my demo tape and head shot.”

“Wow, that is great Jason and now you have to hook her up with John as well.”

“I will.” He said. And the wise woman got off the phone and thought to herself, “Damn, I’m good!”

So Jason told the woman at Columbia Records about John and she loved their voices just as much as their angels do.

And life was good.

Update on March 28,2009

Oh my goodness . . . I am very excited right now. I have not read this story since I wrote it back in 2003 and I just found out from my friend John that Jason is half of the singing duo Jason & DeMarco and they put out a best selling documentary called "We're All Angels!"

Check them out . . .

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


One of my new goddess friends on Myspace gave me a call and she said to me, “You know Bea, I pray to God all the time but I don’t feel that he hears me.”

“Oh” I said, “Well, April, let me show you how I pray. I am going to guide you on a journey. So, I put April through the relaxation technique I use by having her visualize golden light moving through every part of her body. When I finished I said, “OK, now you’re outside somewhere . . . just allow the image to form of where you are and describe to me what you see.”

“Well, I am actually in my house and I am looking outside.”

“OK, now there is an animal of some kind that appears for you. Just allow the animal to form and what kind of animal is it?”

“It’s one of those little pot belly pigs” She said.

“Now, ask the pig with your heart and mind telepathically . . . “What is your name?””

“Samuel” She said.

I smiled to myself and said, “In Asia, a pot belly pig is a symbol of good fortune and Samuel means . . . GOD HAS HEARD!”

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


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